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Motivational Interviewing Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Inspirational Interviewing - Case Study Example Moving toward obnoxious attack requires involves a lot of five changes before the customer can come into a result. The primary stage is the precontemplation stage whereby the customer is unconscious of the need to change thus doesn't plan to change. The subsequent stage is the consideration stage whereby the customer knows about the need to change however has not settled on the choice yet. Thirdly is the readiness stage whereby the customer makes chooses to make a stride towards change later on and has just had a go at changing however has been ineffective. The fourth step of progress is activity in which the customer has begun taking a shot at the change with quantifiable achievement however not the full anticipated result. The fifth stage is the support stage whereby the customer has just accomplished the define objective and is presently working keep up the gained status (Cormier, Nurius, and Osborn, 2009, p.231). In light of the various phases of progress, I expect to finish a lot of mediations explicit to each progression of progress. During the precontemplation stage, I ought to distinctly tune in to the customer while guaranteeing solace as a proportion of urging the customer to change to the following stage. Because of examination stage, I should concentrate on instructing the customer about change while concentrating more on the points of interest on the side of the client’s inner conflict about the change. During the arrangement stage I should take the customer through the potential other options while stressing on attempting some of them. This is intended to give the customer a sample of the change procedure accordingly reassuring change acknowledgment. During the activity stage my fundamental job is to take the cline through fitting methodologies to forestall falls away from the faith once the normal objective is accomplished. At long last, intercessions in the upkeep stage are intended to offer enthusiastic help to the customer once the change has produced results. After effectively experiencing the change procedure it is significant

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A Good List of Opinion Essay Topics

A Good List of Opinion Essay Topics Some good opinion essay topics include: Should the voting age be changed? Should the driving age be raised? Should people be allowed to keep exotic animals as pets? Should sexual education be taught at school? Should abortions be legal? Should there be a bike sharing program? Should America start using the metric system? Should there be free public Wi-Fi? Should you punish people who download music illegally? Should boys and girls be in separate classes? Intro on an opinion essay In an opinion essay, you express your thoughts on a given topic. It would seem that any work is an expression of one’s own thoughts. What is the essence of this kind of essay? In opinion essays, you need not just to reflect your point of view but also look at the proposed topic from different angles. Consider all aspects of the issue, write your opinion, and necessarily confirm it with confident arguments. An essay-opinion plan includes: Introduction. You specify the topic of reasoning. Main part. You express your opinion and confidently argue it. Here it is also desirable to consider the opinion opposite to yours and explain to the reader why you do not share this point of view. The conclusion. You sum up, finally formulating your point of view on the proposed topic. What to describe in essay? An opinion essay is the paper where you share your opinion on a certain issue. Therefore, one main idea is the foundation of reasoning, its core that is accurately formed, clear, and grounded from various opinions. Step one. Clearly form the idea you want to talk about. You can check the success of this step in the following way. Step two. Choose the arguments that support your idea and arrange them in the following order: very convincing â€" convincing enough â€" the most convincing. Useful reference on how to write opinion essay An opinion essay consists of the following: Thesis (that idea, opinion, judgment that you formed and which you are going to defend in your paper). Statements (your every statement should be regarded as a visual proof, achieved, and thus an authentic proof of your ideas). A conclusion (it talks once again about the thesis bringing it to a new level with the usage of forecasts, advice, recommendations, etc.). A desirable section of the reasoning is a brief intro, the task of which is to engage the reader in a dialogue, define the main idea and relevance of the issue. For instance, the the topic of the essay is “First Love”. The first thing you need to do is to create the thesis. If your thesis is “The first love happens in the life of every person and greatly influences the future”, the intro can be: “For teens, the first love is often the meaning of life, while adults only smile at it. However, in vain parents and acquaintances grin: according to psychologists, the first love hides the source of our adult happiness and misfortune”. Argumentation in the essay should be no more than two thirds of the whole size. It is best to have three arguments for a small paper. The best statements are those that are known to everyone such facts from history or at least those that can be easily verified using the specialized literature and documents. Good evidence will be statistical data, the events under discussion. In the practice of school essays, the weightiest argument is a literary work, not all, but that episode, the story line, the hero’s story that confirm your idea. To correctly choose statements, spell your thesis out every time you read it and ask it the question “Why?” For instance, here is another thesis related to the theme “First Love” â€" “To love means to become better”. Why? A personal experience can also be an argument but remember that such evidence is least convincing and it is well represented in the form of an extension to the main facts, known and authoritative. Then choose the arguments that support your idea and arrange them from the least convincing to the most convincing. Conclusion deepens the thesis and contains advice, rules or offers forecasts. For instance, no matter when the first love occurs in your life, it can make a person tough cynic, an unrecognizable romantic or a realist. The first one will be deeply unhappy: he cannot love, which means that he will remain alone. The second from the absolute optimism of love often turns to the same pessimism of “no love”. And only the third is able to find harmony. In order to have more people like this, adults, relatives, friends should be careful and serious about the feelings of adolescents and children. Essay samples for inspiration An opinion essay is a kind of creative work. Do not be shy of your thoughts. Don’t think your thoughts and opinions will be stupid. Pretend that you’re talking to a friend and sharing your opinion on the subject. Often, there are difficulties with writing the first sentence. You do not know where to start. In this case, the writing of the entry should be postponed. That is, first write the main part of the work, then the conclusion, and only then return to the introduction. In order not to be shy of your thoughts, it’s recommended writing anonymous essays in order to read them in the future for the whole class and make out your mistakes on your example. Everyone recognizes their own essay and is not afraid of the ridicule of fellow students or bad evaluation. You will understand what was incorrect in your work (in stylistic terms, in the logic of presentation, etc.). At the same time, teachers should not read even very funny excerpts from the works, especially with the indication of the author. After such an analysis, the student may have a persistent hatred for writing works. It should be noted that the key to good writing is reading books and communicating with adults. Talk more often sharing your opinion on certain things, discuss everything you see and hear, everything that interests you. Tips for writing Here are the tips to follow when writing an opinion essay: Stick to the structure of the essay. Once you have received the assignment, determine the type of essay and the plan by which you will write it. After that, come up with the title, the intro, several paragraphs of the main part, and the conclusion. Use a draft. Since there is not much time to write an essay use the draft. Outline your thoughts and arguments using short theses. This will allow you not to forget important thoughts while writing a final version of the text. Prepare for any topic. The essay shows not only your level of language knowledge but also erudition. Therefore, before preparing for the exam read the texts on different topics. Leave time for the check-up. Allocate the time so that at the end of the exam you have at least 5 minutes left to check the essay. Define the appropriate style. The style of writing an essay should be semi-formal or formal. Do not use slang and word abbreviations. Be concise. The essay is a short written work. Keep within the limits of the text. Give arguments. Each written thought should not sound unfounded. Support it with arguments, a vivid example, statistics, etc. Use the word-bundles. Introductory words for essays are important links that link sentences together, forming a logical chain of your thoughts. Use a variety of vocabulary and grammar. Avoid repetition of words, use synonyms and complex grammatical constructions. Present your thoughts correctly. Essay is a written expression of your thoughts on a particular topic. And here it is important not to forget about elementary delicacy. Write softly. Though you should write your thoughts on the issue, try not to use the structures such as “I’m sure that ”, “I know that ”, etc. List of topics for opinion essay If you’re at a loss about what topic to choose for your opinion essay, search online where you can find many interesting opinion paper topics to get an idea of what you can write about. How to choose a right topic? In order to choose the right topic for your paper, the topic should be interesting for you and you should have a desire to write about it and research it. Conclusion on an opinion essay Now you know how to write an essay perfectly. In order for this theoretical knowledge to bring you practical knowledge in the form of a high score on the exam, actively use them. Practice writing essays on different topics â€" this will be the best preparation for the exam.

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The American Dream - 971 Words

The American Dream is the number one goal in America. It is believed that anybody in America can become famous or successful, own a large house and fancy cars, and have equal freedom and justice. The biggest wrecker to this Dream is consumerism. Consumerism creates a dyadic relationship between buyers and business owners. Business owners use advertisements, strategic planning, and focus on a particular audience in order to get closer to the American Dream. This causes the buyers to be pushed even further from the American Dream, and simultaneously the business owners get even closer. First of all, the American Dream splits our society into two categories, buyers and business owners. The business owners deprive the consumers of ever reaching the American Dream. Business owners aim to have consumers buy products that are useless. This is causing consumers to never actually live the lifestyle that they dream of, only to live from paycheck to paycheck. When my parents were younger, they were very airheaded with their money. They were easily fooled by the tactics of these businesses. When They saw a sale near an item that they intended to buy, they would immediately add the extra useless item to their carts. This caused them to have trouble paying all of our bills, leaving us to live from paycheck to paycheck. The business owners continue to become richer using these tactics allowing them have live the American Dream that everyone desperately longs for. Jesse Juarez EngShow MoreRelatedImmigrants And The American Dream1362 Words   |  6 PagesImmigrants and the American Dream In the article â€Å"The American Dream†, by James Truslow Adams in The Sundance Reader book, he stated that the American dream is that dream of a land in which life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement. It is a difficult dream for the European upper classes to interpret adequately, and too many of us ourselves have grown weary and mistrustful of it. It is not a dream of motor cars and highRead MoreThe American Dream By Kimberly Amadeo1637 Words   |  7 PagesNowadays, a large number of people migrate to the United States to work and achieve the American Dream. According to the Article â€Å"What is the American Dream?† by Kimberly Amadeo, â€Å"The American Dream was first publicly defined in 1931 by James Truslow Adams in Epic of America. Adam’s often-repeated quote is, ‘The American Dream is that dream of land in which life should be better and richer and fuller for everyon e, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement.’† There are many peopleRead MoreAnalysis Of The Movie The American Dream 754 Words   |  4 Pages Nyreel Powell Ms. Jones American Literature 1 June 2015 The American dream in A Raisin in the Sun Have you ever had a dream and it didn’t come how you wanted it to be? Have you ever had accomplishments that you wanted to achieve but people were getting in the way of them? The four main characters in this book all have good dreams but there are people in the way of getting to those dreams or their dream is too high to accomplish. A Raisin in the Sun a play written by Lorraine Hansberry, andRead MoreSister Carrie and the American Dream1618 Words   |  7 PagesThe American Dream is surely based on the concept of â€Å"Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness† but it is above all, a matter of ambition. James Truslow Adams, an American writer and historian, in 1931 states: life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement†, which not only points towards a better standard of living for Americans but also denounces a degree of greed in the US society. Ambition not only â€Å"killed the catâ₠¬  butRead MoreGrapes Of Wrath And The American Dream1644 Words   |  7 PagesThe idea of the American Dream is ever changing depending on the person and the time of life that person is in. Although the main ideas of the American Dream remain the same to be educated, economically sound, healthy, to have a family, and equal rights. Many great films and works of literature were created to show case all the different ideas people have for their American Dream. The film â€Å"Grapes of Wrath† directed by John Ford and the poem â€Å"I Will Fight No More Forever† by Chief Joseph, both depictRead More Destruction of the American Dream Essay2145 Words   |  9 PagesDestruction of the American Dream I’ve talked about it in the past, the destruction of the American Dream. Always, there have been papers, writings, and thoughts that quantify a particular section of its ultimate demise, be it due to money, education, or sexuality. Maybe the destruction cannot be viewed as a singular event or cause. Perhaps instead it must be examined as a whole process, the decay and ultimate elimination of a dream. Self destruction, if you will†¦ Mr. Self Destruct Read MoreSuccess As One Of The American Dream1137 Words   |  5 PagesApril 2015 Success as One of The American Dream When we hear the word â€Å"success†, we often think of wealth and money. To some people, the embodiment of being success is earning a lot of money. In fact, the concept of success is primarily based on how much money a person earns. However, each person views the definition of success differently. One way to define success is something that has more to do with flash than it does with substance. John Wooden, an American basketball player and coach viewRead MoreJim Cullen And The American Dream2081 Words   |  9 Pages The American Dream, as defined by Cullen, is starting your goal off with a little and ending with more; it s like a business, you invest in it in order to gain more money. Usually, people will define the American Dream as being able to achieve your goal because everyone is offered opportunities. Cullen does acknowledge that people are born with different opportunities, so he talks about the good life. The good life describes different factors that determine your opportunities. Throughout the otherRead MoreFactors Influencing The American Dream1834 Words   |  8 Pagesindividual to succumb or to not succumb to the seductions of crime. These three factors are brilliantly portrayed in the television show, Breaking Bad and the novel, The Stick Up Kids. The American Dream is what many American citizens strive for. However, not all of those citizens are able to achieve the American Dream through a legal pathway. The reason an indivudal may not being able to do so is because of his or her background factors. It is important to note that background factors are a fractionRead MoreShark Tank And The American Dream1755 Words   |  8 PagesShark Tank and The American Dream The TV show Shark tank embodies everything the American dream represents. The show obtains successful Entrepreneurs ready to invest their own money into other Americans wanting to be just like them, reaching the American dream and become a successful entrepreneur. The show presents entrepreneurs working towards the goal of creating a business to not only gain wealth but also change the way we live today. The show is to keep the American dream alive and well while

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Similarities Between Macbeth And To Kill A Mockingbird

â€Å" Human nature at times is unfortunately very ugly and I learned that the world can be a very ugly place. For as much beauty there is, there’s just as much brutality and violence and ugliness† , these were thought provoking words said by Gerard Way, an American singer (quotefancy). Through Gerard Way’s inspirational words he is explaining the truth about humans ugly side which evidently exists in Macbeth and To Kill A Mockingbird. He is speaking of how the world isn’t always a beautiful place and the people in it have a dark side that isn’t pretty. Both Macbeth and To Kill A Mockingbird illustrate the dark side of human nature through various ways, by showing how humans are violent creatures, evil people†¦show more content†¦Macbeth beheaded Macdonwald in a brutal battle, he cut him open from the navel to the jaws. The Soldier describes Macdonwald and Macbeth clinging on to each other making it impossible for either one of them to surv ive. Macbeth not only killed Macdonwald but he also stuck his head on to the castle wall which makes the death of Macdonwald very violent. The way the soldier described the brutal event from Macbeth and Macdonwald strangling each other to Macdonwalds head being stuck on to the castle gives the readers a perception that Macbeth is ruthless as well as very violent when it comes to killing people. If Macbeth has the heart to kill a man in the most brutal way possible this makes Macbeth an evil character which clearly shows that humans are violent creatures. In Harper Lee’s novel, To Kill A Mockingbird Bob Ewell is a very strong example of how murderous a human being can be. Bob Ewell is Mayella’s father, Mayella is the victim of Tom Robinsons trial. Bob Ewell despised Atticus because he supported Tom Robinson, the accused black man for raping MayellaShow MoreRelatedHow To Write Literary Analysis4174 Words   |  17 PagesGood Questions â€Å"Are Romeo and Juliet’s parents responsible for the deaths of their children?† â€Å"Why do pigs keep showing up in Lord of the Flies?† â€Å"Are Dr. Frankenstein and his monster alike? How?† Bad Questions â€Å"What happens to Scout in To Kill a Mockingbird?† â€Å"What do the other characters in Julius Caesar think about Caesar?† â€Å"How does Hester Prynne in The Scarlet Letter remind me of my sister?† Step 2. Collect Evidence Once you know what question you want to answer, it’s time to scour the

Financial Responsebilities Ultimate Companies Objective

Question: 1. List and briefly describe the three general areas of responsibility for a chief financial officer (CFO) of a selected non-financial company which is listed on Australian Stock Exchange (ASX). Explain how those responsibilities can affect ultimate objective of the company. The name of company you choose should start with the first letter of your first, last or middle name. (1500 words) 2. If the efficient-market hypothesis is true, the pension fund manager might as well select a portfolio with a pin. Explain why this is not the case. (500 words). Answer: Introduction This report is about the responsibilities of the Chief Financial Officer of the company Technology one Limited. The report has discuss about the roles and the function of the Chief Financial Officer and how that role affects the objectives of the Technology one Limited. There is an details about the company and the approaches that the company adopts, and then the responsibilities of the CFO. This report has also discuss about the efficient market hypothesis and also the roles of the fund manager. Technology one Ltd. It is the biggest enterprise of an Australia which is a software company and has located in 6 countries. This company actually provides the solution for the transformation of business and creates an easy life for the customers. Technology one Ltd. is that company which offers the best software which can be easily used by the customers. More than 1000 corporations, department of the government and authorities of the statutory body have operated by the software of the Technology one Ltd. The vision of this company is to create transformation for the business and make the life so easy for the customers. This company made best products and delivered that products and services to the customers for making their life easy. Approaches of the company Vision of the enterprise They actually experienced about the single power as well as the integral solution of the enterprise and made it on an advanced single stage with the view of logical and feel. Focus and commitment to the market They actually deal and get engaged with the various markets and provide solutions to customers and solutions are preconfigured with the practice and implement the streamline and decreases time, cost and risk. The power of one In the case of investment in the company of Technology one and in a solutions, there is an advantage for being in a direct relationship with the company and with each of the steps along with the company. They are not using the partners for implementation as well as resellers of the value added. This company is fully responsible for building, marketing, sales, implementations, supporting and running the solution of an enterprise which provides to the customers for their success and guaranteed for the long term. The power of evaluation They have adequate investment in research development every year that means they provide the strong and the continuous competitive advantage to the customers with the help of the solution of an enterprise and adopts and develop by the accepting the new technology, concepts and do innovative things. Simplicity, not complexity As per the expectations of customers as well as their preference taste, the software accepts the solutions and delivered to customers which are absolutely easy to use without any complications (Technology one Ltd, 2016). Responsibilities of CFO Technology one Ltd. which is the leading provider of the software solution in Australia has made the announcement that Mr. Edward Chung is now the operating officer for the corporate shared services. For the growth of finance, accounting, administration, legal, human resources and other functions of the corporations which are linked with the development of the business of Technology one Ltd, the new post has made for this growth and development. In the earlier times, the chief financial officer of Queensland Rail, Mr. Edward have the experienced about this professions and leads to a large number of teams to deliver the function of corporate support which is the requirement for the successful organizations. There is the introduction of the new role for the operating officer in order to create the support for the business model of products at the house of the company. Technology one has just organized its business in a different way to focus on the products, so that each of the products will be best in its class. The model of the new business are concerned about the management of each product according to the division, focuses on the requirement of research and development, sales, consulting and support for the leader of the market along with the common support of the corporations which has been provide to various products. Edward have the responsibility to deliver the functions of the shared corporate which involves the finance, accounting, legal, human resources and the function of the administration for the business of the technology one. MR. Edward play role for the development of the commercial framework to deliver the processes which have to be effective, automated, low cost and complementary for the expansions of the business. Mr. Edward has just played the role at technology one as the position has responsibility for playing his role in the company. Mr. Edward has just effected from the entrepreneurial spirit and also from the business model of the company, planning about growth and the record of the twenty years about its success because its the leading enterprise of the software companies in Australia. Mr. Edward has experienced and a sharp executive and performs its responsibility for the company, and he is the best asset for the company. His appearance in the company will change the business for the product model of the house which will create the position of the Technology one in the market as the leader for the products in enterprise and provide services to the customers. Mr. Edward has the responsibility for operating officers which leads to the consulting, research and development, sales and marketing and the development areas of the business for the company. This month, the technology one has created the record of profit which is increased by 22% and become $19.8 million (Technology one Ltd, 2016). Mr. Edward also has various responsibilities which have to perform by him. These responsibilities are: Cash flow CFO has to take care of the position of the cash flow of the company and should recognize the sources and the uses of the cash and maintenance of the funds, security, and other valuable things. Mr. Edward can also make or adopt the accounting policies and procedures for the collection and the credit, purchasing, bills payment and other obligations of the finance. Company liabilities It is also the responsibility of the CFO for understanding the liabilities of the company. The legal contracts, tax obligation, contingent liabilities, insurance and the expectations of the board of directors, all this have to take care by the CFO. Company performance Mr. Edward has to recognize the business model of the company in order to attract customers and converts the effective and efficient operation for the measurement of the performance. The CFO uses the tools such as balance sheet, income statement and ratio analysis of the financial statements to achieve the company objectives which are expected and the financial performance. Department supervision Mr. Edward is also responsible for the departments of the accounting, finance, human resource and information technology. He is also responsible for the accounting and financial functions of the company with the help of job description, policies, and procedures and methods. Financial relationships The CFO creates and maintains the relationship with communicating the investment bankers, financial analyst and shareholders coordinate with the presidents. The arrangements of the banking and agreements of the loan and maintain adequate sources of the funds or capital from the borrowings of the commercial banks and various lending institutions. They actually do the investment of the companies fund and stock plan option. Finance or raising capital CFO will create the executive programs for the requirements of the capital of the company which involves the obtaining of the debt and equity capital and the maintenance of the financial arrangements. He will prepare the plans about the business which will for the long term in the market for the maximization of the profit and take the alternatives for any problem regarding the financial requirements. Financial obligations The CFO has to approve all the contractual agreements which are related to the financial obligations which include raw material, IT assets and services and other implementations regarding the promises of the financial resources. Record control The CFO also does the financial aspects of the transactions of the company which involves the bids of the real estates, contracts, and leases. They also cover the insurance coverage and sure to maintain the suitable financial records and to prepare the financial reports of the financial year as per the requirements. The CFO also ensures the compliance of the company and the financial regulations and standards such as Sarbanes-Oxley, IRS tax code, and the GAAP. Shareholders Relations CFO do the analysis of shareholders of the company which is related to the policies, procedures, and information which includes the reports which are annually as well as interim to the shareholders and the board of directors and give the suggestions to the presidents regarding review of the policies, procedures, or program whenever it is needed. Budgeting and expense control Budgets are the real estimation of the company which is about the investment, and it is also the responsibility of the CFO to take care the process of budgets, and the collection of the inputs is also done, and the comparison is done between the actual performance and the estimated budget. It is that procedures in which the CFO might fall from his responsibility and control over the budget (Bismanualz, 2016). Efficient market hypothesis It is the theory of investment which means that it is not possible to beat the market as the efficiency of the stock market create the prices of the existing shares and give all the relevant information. As per the efficient market hypothesis, the trading of stock is done at its fair value on the stock exchange and provides an opportunity to the investors to either buy the stock at fair value or sell the stock at the high price. It is important for investors along with the financial managers to know the changes in the stock and its related information. It is concerned about the basic issues which is related to the finance that the reasons for changes in the price in the security market. It is also referred to the random walk theory (Mackinley, 2005). Investors tried to recognize the securities which are undervalued and assumes that the prices of these securities will rise in the future and specifically the value of that stock which has the chances to rise as compared to others. Many investors think that their performance will be excellent and affects the market and break the records and create the new records in the market. But for this achievement they have to analyze the market and do the forecast and the methods of valuation for the decision of investment. The efficient market hypothesis recommends that the profit earn from the stock movements is not easy. The price changes or fluctuates because of the information which is just arrived in the market. If the adjustments of the prices are made so fast without having any biased information, then it is called as efficient market, and that leads to the securities in which its current price disclose the availability of the information at the certain period. For the fall or rise in prices of the stock have no other reasons except this (NPRA, 2011). Role of the pension fund manager The pension fund manager does the investment in the funds and the assets as per the provisions of the National Pension Act, 2008. The fund manager diversified the funds in different securities in order to maximize risk and acquired the best returns as per the investments. The maintenance of the books of accounts on the transactions has done by the pension fund manager. The efficient market hypothesis is not implied about the selection of that portfolio which is done along with the pin because the manager has to sure about the diversification of the portfolio. It has to notice that the various stocks and its diversification may not be from the same industries. It must be taken care about the risk associated with the securities is suitable for the customers but in the case of the pension fund, the decision for the investments must be less risky (Betson, 2000). References (2016).about us. retrieved from 6 September 2016 from one appoints new operating officer, corporate services.retrieved from 6 september 2016 from,-corporate-services Bizmanualz.(2016).what are top 10 CFO responsibilities.retrieved on 6 september 2016 from Mackinley.C.(2005).market efficiency. Betson.F.(2000).role of pension fund manager. The. pension.regulators.(n.d).roles and responsibility.retrieved on 6 september 2016 from National.Pension.Regulatory.Authority.(2011).guidelines for pension fund managers.retrieved on 6 september 2016 from pension fund managers, custodians and other service provider.retrieved on 6 september 2016 from Clarke.J.Jandik.T Maldeker.G.(n.d).the efficient market hypothesis.

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The Crucible Essays (1301 words) - Salem Witch Trials, The Crucible

The Crucible The Crucible When Arthur Miller wrote The Crucible, it was during a time when communism was a threat to the American way of life. This particular era was sparked by Joseph Raymond McCarthy's idea about communism in the United States' government. This was a period of political spitefulness and mass hysteria. In 1950, McCarthy had said that there were communists in the Department of State. This accusation was never proven, and the public didn't pay attention to McCarthy's words in the early years of this era. During the year of 1953, McCarthy became chairman of the Senate subcommittee on investigations. Throughout the following years he continued to make his ideas about the government known. In 1954 he accused the secretary of the army of concealing foreign espionage activities. McCarthy started investigating all of his accusations, but was brought up on charges of improper means of investigation and the charges were dropped. One will see in the play, The Crucible by Arthur Miller, that the United States basically despised Russia during the 1950's because Russia was a communist state. The United States named Russia The Devil (according to the play), because of their communistic ways and dictatorship over the people. The necessity of the Devil may become evident as a weapon, a weapon desig ned and used time and time again in every age to whip men into surrender to a particular church or church-state. Besides what Miller's idea of what communism is, he also has an idea that if one is not communist, or against communism, then they are for the United States government, and if a U.S. citizen does not have the same reactions towards capitalistic doings as the rest of the country, then that citizen is considered to be communist, according to Miller. In the countries of the Communist ideology, all resistance of any import is linked to the totally malign capitalist, and in America any man who is not reactionary in his views is open to the charges of alliance with the Red Hell. This is a very important statement because of how it links the views of Miller to the accusations of McCarthy. Basically by linking these two together, one can come to the conclusion that the United States is a hypocrite (according to the two opinions). Arthur Miller says that the U.S. dislikes Russia b ecause Russia is communist, and that Russia is The Devil and Red Hell, but according to McCarthy the U.S. itself had a government made up of communists. Then, reading more of Miller's opinions, one can come to the conclusion that according to Miller, McCarthy is a communist. Miller says that if one has different views then the rest of the country (like McCarthy) then they are communist. With all of McCarthy's accusations he was clearly against the views of the United State's government. Both McCarthy and Miller have different views on the same subject, but when linked together, one can come up with many different conclusions about McCarthy, Miller, the United States government. To understand this fully you must know what The Crucible is about and the different tragedies that occurred, and how the deterioration of Salem's social structure precipitated the murders of many innocent people. Arthur Miller's depiction of the Salem witch trials in The Crucible dealt with a community that looked like it was tightly knit and church loving. It turns out that once Tituba starts pointing her finger at the witches, the community starts pointing their fingers at each other. Hysteria and hidden agendas break down the social structure and then everyone must protect themselves from the people that they thought were their friends. The church, the legal system and the togetherness of the community died. Being isolated from any other group of people with different beliefs created a church led Puritan society that was not able to accept a lot of change. The church was against the devil, at the same time it was against such things as dancing and other premature acts. The reputation of the family was very important to the members of the community. When the girls were caught dancing in the woods, they lied to protect not just themselves but the reputation of their families. They